Referral Policy

Revised On: July 29th, 2021

We built the referral program so that users can build a residual income for themselves while also helping grow the Essential Studio Manager.


Our referral program is pretty straight forward and simple and all the details for it can be found below. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to email us at here.

You can earn $5/month with our referral program.

That's right, with our referral program you can build yourself a residual income and the best part about it is there are not costs to you. The referral program is available to any user whether on a paid plan or not. To get started simply create yourself a custom referral code, this code must be unique so if it’s already been used you will have to create a different one. Once you’ve created your code simply share it with as many people as you’d like. You will get credit for each person that creates an account with your link, but you don’t get the $5/month unless they convert to a paid account within 30 days from when they created their account.

What happens if they click on my link but don't sign up right away and then sign up later on, do I still get credit?

Yes! When someone visits your link a referral cookie is set on their browser for 30 days. Which means if they signup anytime within those 30 days you will get credit.

How do I receive my payout?

Payouts will be generated on the 1st of the month and will include anyone that was on a paid subscription when the payout is generated. Meaning that if someones subscription cancels on December 20th, they won’t be included on the January 1st payout. When receiving payments for your payout, there will be two options. If your payout is less than $500 then the payout will be processed via PayPal. If your payout is greater than $500, then you can choose between receiving payout via PayPal or a Check to save on PayPal fees.

Do I need to file a 1099K?

According to our accountant, if you receive more than $600 in a given year from us, you will need to submit a 1099K to the IRS. We will generate these for you and email them to you when that time comes. It’s important that your account information such as your email and address are up to date.

I don't live in the United States, can I still use the referral program?

Yes! But keep in mind that we don’t know tax laws outside the United States and it will be on you to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly when it comes to reporting your income earned from our referral program.

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