Our Features

Our business management software offers robust features built for photographers. All the features that you see below were recommended by our users.

Integrate with Google

The ESM comes with it's own calendar, but we took it a step further and added the functionality to integrate with your Google Calendar.

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Track Finances

With the ESM, there are not limits. If you invoice clients, incomes will automatically be added when an invoice is paid. Need to manually enter an income, you can do that too!

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Embeddable Forms

Create contact forms that you can embed on your website and generate leads which are automatically added to the ESM.

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Never Double Book

Double booking's are a thing of the past, the ESM includes an algorithm that notifies you when you're about to double book a session.

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Customize your invoices, questionniares, emails, and contracts with your brand. Need more than one brand, you can do that also!

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Send Contracts

Send client contracts to be electronically signed and receive email notifications when a contract has been signed.

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Invoice Clients

Invoicing has never been easier. You have the option to integrate with Stripe or just add your banking details to the invoice to accept payment. The flexibility is endless.

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Send Questionnaires

You can create custom questionnaires which you can send to clients in order to get a better understanding of your client.

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Custom Checklists

Need help staying organized and making sure you don't forget anything? Don't worry, that's where checklists come into play. Create you're own custom checklists and apply them to clients or sessions.

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Free Client Migration

Moving from another CRM and want to transfer your clients? We will import them for you absolutely free.

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We strive in helping simplify your photography business with our business management software.

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